Sharpshooter Worldwide Snapshots

Susan and Dad--Looking for The RunAway Bride.

Col. Oliver North; Susa
n Bailey; Bill Breuer, historian and author of 22 history books and Lew Bailey are on-location shooting War Stories with Oliver North which airs each Sunday from 8-9 pm (ET) on FOX News Channel. Col. North was very impressed and proud that Susan attends North Georgia Military College and State University, and that Lew anticipates continuing a long family tradition of attending NGCSU. More Col. North here.

Lewis Bailey & Emmylou Harris

Crystal Bailey & Alan Jackson


Susan-Lewis-Barry Williams--Waiting for RunAway bride to join us at Gwinnett jail for mug shots.

New Hudson Brothers? Well may be ... Pro Wrestler Buff Bagwell, Lew Bailey and Brett Hudson. Brett was one of the famous 70's group The Hudson Brothers. Now he is a successful movie and TV producer. He was once sued for slugging a photographer. Cost him a ton of money. During this shoot he did not slug either Buff or Lew. I guess hanging around Bert Kearns has calmed him down. More Bert here -  here and here 
Looks like a wig to me, Lewis

Geraldo Rivera after a fight with Skin Heads in Wisconsin

Georgia Congressman Bob Barr & Greg Morrison ~ Producer NBC News

Crystal Bailey & Reba McEntire

Lewis Bailey & Barbara Mandrel

Alex Cooley, Rock & Roll Concert Promoter, his wife Virginia & Gail Bailey

Tina Turner


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