Sharpshooter Worldwide Snapshots

Sharpshooter, Lewis Bailey ~ Have Camera, Will Travel!

Lew and Geraldo Rivera At Large
Courthouse Murders In Atlanta

Lewis Bailey with Geraldo Rivera & crew in Kuwait.

Pete Roets teaches John Duffy to "GRIN".

Fred Francis - NBC News Senior Correspondent & Vivian Glover - NBC News Producer.

Steve Gendel & Susan Bailey

Dr. Jay Shell Cochran
World's best Doctor, he keep us healthy and ready to travel. He knows all the vaccinations we will need, wherever we go.

Tommy Hamill, Ex POW, Ann Curry NBC Correspondent, Lewis In Macon, MS
More Location Photos


Falcons Coach Reeves & Producer Ken Hall

Evander Holyfield & Lewis Bailey
"If you are not wearing my company hat the next time I see you, I'm gonna give you a wuppin!"

Lewis Bailey, Meridath MacRea & Mary Ann Rogers

Bert Kearns and Lewis "researching" Clubs for HBO Special. Yes, that is the same Bert Kearns of fame.


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