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Toby Keith Launches Film Career 'Angel of Montgomery'

Country singer Toby Keith is working on 'Angel of Montgomery', his first foray into acting.

Lewis and Willie On the Road Again!-Set of 'Angel of Montgomery' Willie Nelson and screen icon Burt Reynolds also star in the film.

Lewis and Toby's friendship started in Nashville-Several years, many miles and several hits ago...

Ben Garrett - Executive Producer ~ Mark Short - Senior Manager, Public Affairs Bristol-Myers Squibb Company on location in Jackson, MS.

President George Bush
President Bush with one of his Dad's old friends.

Lewis and Kelly Preston on set of the new Toby Keith movie 'Angel of Montgomery'
Keith signed a multi-movie deal with Paramount Studios following the success of his hit video "Beer For My Horses", in which he played a policeman who enlists the help of a grizzled Willie Nelson to help him catch a serial killer.

The Steven Goldman directed drama stars Keith as a faded country star who returns to his hometown to rekindle a romance with his childhood sweetheart played by Kelly Preston.

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Brian Williams, NBC news anchor
NBC NEWS Brian Williams - anchor for the CNBC news show on location with Lewis during
Hurricane Lili in south Louisiana

Maria Alcon NBC News Producer. She is small but feisty! Hard worker! Great gal who knows her trade.

Basia Trzetrzelewska, YES! That Basia ~ A Kiss to remember for "Time and Tide"

"Two Cameras - No Waiting"
Just like Floyd's Barber Shop.

Pete Roets - Production Manager ~ Got his camera, coffee and grinning like an opossum.


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