We have a reputation for producing excellent quality and professional work. If your job was due yesterday,  you can't wait until tomorrow for a video production company to rent the equipment that's needed. Whether it's a war in the Persian Gulf, a hurricane on the Carolina coast, or just a tight production schedule with no room for amateurs, SHARPSHOOTER is loaded and ready to roll. Anytime! Anywhere!

1978 - Long Hair, Plumbicons, 3/4 inch U Matic and Bell-Bottoms. Larry Smith Rph. and Lewis Bailey. Larry is still a good friend and a pharmacist. He gave up the TV biz and is now head of Pharmacies for a hospital company. Geraldo Rivera says he was a great soundman.

Jerry Burke and Lewis on top of Bell Mountain in Hiawassee,Georgia

From the San Francisco Bay . . .

to the New York Harbor . . .


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