Sharpshooter Worldwide on Location

Safe at home! Kellie Hamill (L) Tommy Hamill (M) Lewis Bailey (R)

Mrs. Kellie Hamill and Lewis Bailey on special private charter to Germany to meet her husband Thomas Hamill who was held hostage in Iraq. Kellie is a remarkable person of intrepid strengths.

Lewis Bailey-Camera, Mark Potter-Talent--On-Location Macon MS.

Prayer Vigil for hostage Thomas Hamill. Macon, MS

Sat truck is called Tea Boy! Straight away from London to location in Landstuhl, Germany. Very pretty lady is Vivian Fel from The Today Show. She is a very hard working lady who gets the interview! She leaves the competition in the dust! Really!

The NBC NEWS crew in Germany.

Richard Copley (L), Lewis Bailey (R) Richard and I have been friends for ever! We used to shoot real movie film (the stuff with pictures and little sprocket holes on the side) He is a great guy and even better photographer!

The Macon Shell Station. Great food and even better advice from Mr. Ernest Hill. Hope to get a photo of him on his favorite Roping Horse next trip to Macon.

Red hat, Scott Boyd Publisher of The Macon Beacon, Macon MS. Black hat, Mark Potter NBC correspondent. Newsmen you can believe, even their fish stories!

Dan Shepherd, Producer. Quiet guy with a lot to say, but will only say it once!

David Naggiar of NBC News was so happy to be in Germany that he wet his pants! This man can move an army with just a cell phone -- anywhere! A man of many talents!

Jerry Hamill trusted and favorite uncle of Thomas Hamill escorting Kellie Hamill on special charter to retrieve her husband Tommy Hamill who had been held hostage in Iraq for weeks.

Mark Potter-NBC, Dan Shepherd-NBC, Lewis Bailey-NBC, Jeanette Unruh-Macon Beacon, Vivian Fel-NBC Today Show, John George-Gulf Link, Scott Boyd-Macon Beacon.

Mississippi Catfish! -- Yum, Yum!

A Real Baer Hug! Tom Baer, NBC Sat engineer-Vivian Fel, The Today Show (Vivian had only minor rib damage) in Macon, MS

Lewis Bailey (Mercer Medical School shirt) with Ann Curry, NBC Today Show anchor and NBC Dateline Correspondent on location in Landstuhl, Germany. Ms. Curry is a hard working tenacious correspondent but most important a sincere and caring person. She is a Cracker Jack!


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