Sharpshooter Worldwide Family Snapshots

Susan Bailey at Furman University, working on the capillary electrophoresis system which uses high voltages which may generate electroosmotic and electrophoretic flow of buffer solutions and ionic species within a capillary in order to perform high efficiency separations of both large and small molecules.
Susan is also a very good cookie baker!

Lew and Nevin Robertson
Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Winford Bailey with Amy Bailey celebrating our favorite holiday, Christmas.

Christ and Christmas are a Big Deal at the Bailey household.
2005 - Another Banner Year for the Bailey Family.


North Georgia College
Sharpshooter is a big fan of North Georgia College and State University--The Military College Of Georgia

Lew and The Green Monster

Susan and 007 Roger Moor Bond . . .
James Bond

Lew is the first in our family to join the ROTC program at NGCSU.

Mercer University
Mercer University School Of Medicine is another favorite!

On Top of Bell Mountain
3 Generations
Buddy, Lew, Lewis



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