Eric Rudolph Update
Murphy arrest @ 4:30 am
Mug shot May 31, 2003

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Lew Bailey and ATF Senior Special Agent Earl Woodham

Eric Rudolph is hurried from a single-engine aircraft to a waiting van at Fulton County Airport Brown Field after arriving from Birmingham on Wednesday. Rudolph, who pleaded guilty to bombing a Birmingham women's clinic in 1998, was headed to the federal courthouse in downtown Atlanta

Photos of Eric Rudolph's camp site in the North Carolina woods.

Agents uncovered 450 pounds of dynamite.


A federal agent looks at bomb materials buried in North Carolina by Eric Rudolph, who disclosed the sites as part of his plea deal.

Rudolph hid other bomb-making materials near his mountain hideaway.


Crew coming back off mountain to sat truck.

Left to Right, Tom Baer - NBC Senior Satellite Engineer, Joel Goyne, Grip, Susan Bailey, Generator Operator, Lewis Bailey
Lew Bailey, Grip

Wide shot of Eric's Summer camp.


We had to string thousands of feet of optical fiber and copper cable up to the mountain top site -- No one but Tom Baer, NBC's crackerjack satellite engineer could have pulled this off in such short time!(Notice full roll of fiber cable under Tom's left arm.) Left to Right, Susan Bailey, Tom Baer, Joel Goyne, Kerry Sanders, NBC correspondent, Lew Bailey

Hauling Video crew up mountain to Eric Rudolph's last know camp in Murphy, NC
Left to right -- Jeff, Camera-John Franklin, Grip-Tom Baer, Senior Satellite Technician -- Lew Bailey, Grip

This is a shot of Eric Rudolph's last camp site --notice the rocks and fresh burned wood in lower right of picture -- the roll of black felt paper was used to keep wood and other things dry -- there is small kindling under the black paper.


This is the NBC Team that covered the capture of Mr. Rudolph.
The four young men on front are Lew Bailey, Andrew Williams, John Franklin, & Robert Murray. This 4x4 tough crew ran thousands of feet of cable up and down the mountainside. After services rendered, they have gone their separate ways. John Franklin is defecting from the University of Alabama in order to transfer to University of Georgia to study law. Meanwhile, Andrew Williams has shifted from hurling cable in the rugged mountains to hurling footballs across the grid iron at UGA. Cadet Robert Murray is now a member of North Georgia College's ROTC, training to keep the world free and safe for the rest us.