Embrace the Digital Future . . .
or be left in the Analog Past!

Sharpshooter State of the Art Equipment

DVW-700WS is a Digital BETACAM
16:9/4:3 switchable camcorder which uses a newly developed Hyper HAD 1000 FIT 16:9 widescreen CCD sensor. It achieves full digital video acquisition in both 16:9 widescreen and 4:3 picture formats with the Digital BETACAM recording format.
Superb Picture and Sound ~ Quality with Full Digital Operation ~ Compact and Lightweight ~ Variable High Power Lithium-ion Battery ~ Refined Ergonomic Design ~ 16:9/4:3 Switchable ~ Digital BETACAM Recording ~ High Quality Digital Audio ~ Long Recording Time ~ 10 bit/36MHz full Digital Signal Processing ~ Setup Card ~ Independent Detail Correction ~ Files for 16:9/4:3 Modes


CANON Broadcast Television Lens
J20ax8B IRS (for 2/3" format) ~ Extra wide angle and zoom ratio for EFP ~ Lightweight and high performance ~ Internal focusing system ~ Built-in 2x extender ~ Image Stabilizer Adapter IS-20B II ~
Achieves a 8-160 mm range of focal length (16-320 mm with built-in 2X extender) for  2/3" version; 6-120 mm.




CANON Broadcast Television Lens J9ax5.2B IRS (for 2/3" format) Widest angle ENG lens (5.2mm) with horizontal angle of view of 80.5 degrees. Special 3-Group Internal Focusing System maximizes performance. Compact and lightweight design. Built in 2x extender. Wide converter, W83-86, available. Achieves horizontal angle of view of 90 degrees. Achieves a 5.2-47mm range of focal length (10.4-94mm with built-in 2X extender) for 2/3" version; 3.8-34.2mm.

Perfect light for
indoors and out.
Bron HMI 400

Bron HMI 400 - Perfect Daylight!
The Bron HMI 400 consists of a lamp base and an electronic ballast unit. The ballast unit is stabilized for flicker-free recording regardless of the frame rate, shutter speed or mains supply frequency. the 100 V-240 V automatic voltage selector allows the system to be used universally. The light output can be dimmed y 40%.

ARRI Lighting


The BVW-D600 one-piece camcorder offers a powerful enhancement to the current camcorder line-up with the combination of digital signal processing technology and the renowned Betacam SP VTR technology. Excellent Picture Quality ~ Compact, Lightweight with Low Power Consumption Refined Ergonomics ~ 10-bit/36 MHz Full Digital Signal Processing Full ~ Function Control Setup Card ~ Programmable Character indication on the CRT Superb Video Recording ~ Viewfinder Playback Recording Review Function


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